Thursday, 15 March 2018

Spend More Time on Technical SEO for more Successful Websites

If you want to incorporate SEO correctly you shouldn't only focus on the on-page content but also on technical aspects. A lot of people still have plenty of technical SEO issues, a study found.

A suggested practice it to conduct SEO audits of the technical side of your website. You need to be sure that search engines are able to see every index of your webpage. It is impossible to stress the importance of conducting these tests and having a good strategy to make sure your website is appearing on search engines.

Here is exactly why technical SEO is so important. This is how to be sure that your web page's technical SEO aspects are running efficiently.

Why Should I Put Effort into Technical SEO?

If you are doing complicated SEO configuration, you should always contact a professional.

Search engines are not perfect: even though they are very good at crawling and saving information, it is up to website owners to create a situation that allows these search engines to do their job. If you do not meet these standards your website will not be included in search engine results.

No matter how good your content is, if you do not have good SEO no one will see it. Messing up your SEO can lead to loss of funds and we all know that's bad for business.

When you are creating your webpages, these three things should be kept in mind above all else:
  • Performance
  • Crawlability
  • Indexation
Web pages should load as fast as you can make them. The best case scenario is that your web pages load in less than two seconds, but if you can hit the two second mark you are golden.

You should also check your site's waterfall using one of a variety of tools available online.

Aside from your site's waterfall, there are other metrics you should be tracking like:
  • First Byte
  • First Meaningful Paint
  • First Paint
  • First Interactive
  • Page Load
  • DOM Content Load
  • Interactive
It is very important to keep your code clean, far too many sites have old code still on their pages. Even though you may have rendered these pieces of code invisible to those that view your page, they are still taking time to load. Websites that suffer from code bloat can sometimes take sufferable amounts of time to load.

There are programs available for purchase by the website owner to speed up your pages for you. Programs such as these are certainly possibilities for the website owner.

You should build your website with responsiveness in mind above all else. This is called responsive design and by using it to make the user's experience better, you are increasing the chance at seeing return traffic. If your web page is slow and unresponsive, your users may hit the back button before viewing any content.

Google may choose to not spend as much time indexing your website if your site has too many URLs with low hit rates. You should avoid having blank event calendars that extend to the distant future and duplicate content. In the Google Search Console, you can monitor your site's coverage report and crawling stats to make sure you don't have any of these issues.

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